About Racines Carrées

In the current context where the cultural and artistic offer is neither sufficiently developed nor accessible to all, the need for professional and effective cultural actors is crucial. To overcome these shortcomings and foster the emergence and strengthening of actors on the artistic and cultural scene, Racines’ association launches Racines Carrées, the first incubator exclusively dedicated to cultural structures (associations, artistic companies, cultural firms, freelancers, collectives, individuals, etc.) in Morocco, in order to improve the cultural offer and its accessibility to all audiences.

Target groups :
- Structures (legally established or informal ones):
→ Cultural or artistic associations
→ Artistic companies (music, theater, dance, street art, etc.)
→ Firms (production, distribution, training, etc.)
→ Collectives

- Individuals
→ Auto-entrepreneurs (or equivalent)
→ Independent cultural actors
→ Freelancers

Our goals

Capacity building for cultural operators in order to enable them to sustain their organizations and projects.

Supporting and accompanying cultural structures during the construction and/or the implementation of their projects.

Accompanying artistic structures in the development of their artistic projects through a tutoring programme.

Encouraging amateur practices and artistic and cultural expression and fostering access to culture for a maximum of people.

Our activities

Racines Carrées offers to its beneficiaries a wide range of 6 rich and varied activities to develop their professionalisation and consolidate their skills and expertise throughout the 12 months of incubation : 

Collective training sessions are dedicated to all the project holders. During those sessions, professional trainers and specialized cultural actors from Morocco and abroad initiate the project holders to the methodology of management of cultural projects by tackling the following themes: production & distribution, communication and press relations, fundraising folder conception, responding to call for projects and/or technical sheets for shows, management of human and financial resources, legal themes, copyright, cultural projects and human rights, etc.

In addition to the collective training sessions, the project holders are benefiting from accompaniment programs and customized tutoring that are adapted to the different needs and revolving around 3 main aspects (administrative, technical and artistic aspects)

Racines Carrées offers its project holders a coworking space that is equipped with work stations with access to internet, printers, copy machines, a meeting room and a documentation center (physical and digital resources, printing center, etc.)

Through the partnerships between Racines and many organizations abroad, each project holder benefits from an immersion internship and gets the opportunity to be initiated to the work of those organizations, in order to observe, analyze their operating modes and learn from their expertise and know how that he/she discovers on-site.

In parallel with this theoretical programs, the project holders have the opportunity of organizing activities, workshops or trainings that are dedicated to youth, kids, women, people with special needs, “marginalized“ populations or any other disadvantaged target group.
Those actions aim to facilitate access to artistic and cultural activities to communities in need for artistic and popular education. It follows the same logic of developing cultural offer for those who are farther away from it.

In order to close the incubation phase and present the work of the project holders to the public and the professionals, Racines Carrées organized, in collaboration with the project holders, two parallel events that highlight the end of 12 months of work :
- A festival of the end of the training : including a restitution of the workshop and activities of the project holders. The festival will allow them to apply the theoretical knowledge and competencies they acquired during the incubation (pedagogic exercise)
- A professional market whose goal is to allow the project holders to present their products and projects to the partners, production companies, investors, funders, producers… 

Projected incubated by Racines Carrées in 2018

About passion

Is a theatrical adaptation show of the book “Soufi, mon amour“ written by Elif Shafak. The project gathers musicians, dancers and comedians that will go for a journey in love and spirituality. The characters of a drunkard, a prostitute and a beggar contribute, each in its way, in constructing the story and opening our eyes on human truths, all by highlighting the altruism and cohabitation of humans despite moral, religious and cultural differences.

Project holders:
Ismail Elfallahi & Abdelhakim Aabour
Association Catharsis


Htit Nass

Is a project that aims to create a new cultural and artistic heritage, through the creation of podcasts from recordings in the public space. The final product will be sound creations that were recorded secretly, in order to guarantee the spontaneousness of the discussions. They will be archived and classified in a library and diffused in the form of an audio montage, in order to promote the culture of exchange and sharing.

Project holders:
Mouad Meziaty & Youssef Zaoui

Contact :
meziatym@gmail.com youssef.zaoui04@gmail.com

Organic Knowledge

Is a plate-form of experimentation, of preservation and transmission of oral cultures in Morocco that grows in the dynamic of exchange between the local and migrant communities, and aims to foster a collective knowledge. Organic Knowledge suggest a cultural programming based on workshops with two main topics : intangible heritage in Morocco (tales, poetry, dance and music) and the valorization of a knowledge related to plants.

Project holders:
The Minority Globe Association 
Reuben Odoi Yemoh & Maud Calme 

Contact :
Facebook - Youtube

Château Zouine

Is a project consisting in the renovation of the water tower of Sidi Bernoussi neighborhood in Casablanca. An artistic intervention (painting) is scheduled to increase the visual value of this uncovered building, in order to bring art to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. This initiative will enable the public at large to foster its belonging to Sidi Bernoussi, through painting workshops with the kids. The whole process of the project will be video documented and will result in the production of a documentary.

Project holders: 
Abdeslem Azdem & Azzedine Bourga

Contact :
azdem.slem@gmail.com / taqafi1@gmail.com

Qiraa Remix

Is an illustration and comics project, aiming to revisit and remix in a realistic way the moroccan school textbooks of the 90’s. The project is about bringing a personal and critical opinion on the impact these textbooks had on me and my way of discovering the world at 7 years old.
Qiraa Remix’s goal is to study (in a satirical way) the mechanisms and the operating modes engraved in those manuals in order to create the status quo of a good moroccan citizen. Consequently, this system leaves no place to diversity, critical mind nor the freedom to be different.

Project holder :
Amine Elbellaoui (Rebel Spirit)

Contact :
Facebook - Website


Is an artistic project aiming to develop the creativity, the promotion of diversity, mixity and citizenship towards the youth, through the creation of a musical album combining percussion, capoeira, batucada and corporal expression. The album will be subject to a national and international tour, and will be the result of an artistic residency of 45 days. Rythmna is initiated by “Overboys” association (Over Borders Organisation of Youth from Salé), created in 2010.

Project holders : 
Youssef Anagam & Mohammed Ouziz
Association Overboys

Contact :
slatucada@gmail.com / Ass.overboys@gmail.com
Website -  Facebook -Youtube Twitter


Is a project aiming to implement a musical genre inspired by the amazigh ethnic music, in order to create an identity for the Moroccan electronic music.
The project will take place in two phases and will be based, at first, on a research and documentation work in order to create an archive for the different regional sounds. On the second phase, an artistic residency will take place in order to use this archive, and will result in an album gathering electronic music will amazigh influences.

Project holders:
Faycal Lahrouchi & Mohammed Biyjeddiguene
Association Marocaine de la Musique Électronique (L’A.M.M.E)

Contact :
faysallahrouchi@gmail.com / medbij1994@gmail.com

What if

Is a project initiated by Racines, aiming to produce a VR installation with physical obstacles, in order to in order to target audiences in the skin of uprooted people. The idea is to increase the empathy in the countries that receive migrants and refugees. On the other hand, “What if” aims to initiate people to use storytelling and technology for advocacy. However, the process of creation of the installation goes through different steps, the first one is learning storytelling. The second step is collecting stories. The third one is the diffusion of those stories. Finally, the last phase is the creation of a timeline through those stories and the creation of the installation.

Project holders: 
Mohamed Rahmo & Achraf Younssi
Association MadNess

Contact :
rahmomohamed@gmail.com / achraf.younssi@gmail.com
Website - Facebook - Youtube

Vivants (A7ya2)

Is a project on exchanging with the inhabitants and the users of 12 neighborhoods in Casablanca about their relation to the said neighborhood, of the graphical and mental representation that they make of it, of the relation which they maintain with the rest of the city, thus weaving the lines of a representation of the places through their practitioners. The result of this work will be the production of 12 mental maps and 72 drawings made by me from the research work and experience of these environments and the descriptions that will be made by their inhabitants (1 map and 6 drawings per neighbordhood). The restitution will be in the form of a general exhibition and a publication gathering all the elements that were created and in the form of an exhibition per neighborhood.

Project holder : 
Aicha El Beloui

Contact :
Website - Facebook Twitter - Instagram


Is a solo acrobatic show telling the life of a young Moroccan man who is stuck in his room in a popular neighborhood. There is nothing he can do. He tries to challenge boredom by sleeping, but he can’t sleep. He spends his days running around in circles, stuck in his routine. At the cross between the circus, the parkour and the clown, Routine is a show about a young Moroccan without a future, in the hope of doing something in his life. Even when sleeping becomes a struggle.

Project holder : 
Said Mouhssine

Contact :
Facebook - Youtube Vimeo


In an ordinary Moroccan living room, equipped with a table, a carpet and objects scattered here and there, the spectator seems to witness a usual daily scene; a young man goes home and sits down. Taken by a great fatigue of life, and strong psychological pressures, this young man is let through by different energies, sensations and emotions, incarnated on stage by five circus artists / dancers. The Moroccan salon is a place of crossroads, life, meetings, parades and apparitions. In this acrobatic play, the salon becomes the poetic kaleidoscope that presents the young generation torn between its daily life and its dreams, its constraints and its desires, the common opinion and its free will.

Project holder: 
Mourad Koula

Contact :
Facebook Vimeo

Halqa F Zanka

Is a theater project forum (halqa) gathering professional actors who will initiate educational workshops on citizenship, with children and adolescents (8 to 18 years old) from different neighborhoods in Casablanca. The culmination of these workshops, will be presented in the form of a forum theater play (in the public space) in several regions of Morocco. The play will deal with topics related to Moroccan youth, such as delinquency.

Project holder: 
Hicham Belaoudi

Contact :

Accompaniment procedure

Once your project is selected, your incubation will take place in different phases

Stage 1

Call for application and shortlisting of the candidates

Stage 2

3 months pre-test period including:

• An initial and general training workshop for the candidates
• Individualized work sessions
• An assessment provided by an entry committee composed of national and international experts
• Final selection of the projects

Stage 3

9 months incubation period

A 9 months incubation period (collective trainings, accompaniment and tutoring, workspace and documentation center, immersion internships abroad, popular education actions, ...)

Stage 4

Annual event

A restitution professional festival-market by the end of the training, enabling the incubated structures to present their projects to the public and professionals (producers, festival directors, production companies, investors, sponsors…)


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information

Phone number: +212 522 30 19 25
Email: info.racinescarrees@gmail.com


14-18 avenue hassan seghir 20000 Casablanca


Email: Racinescarrees@gmail.com 
Phone number:
+212 522 30 19 25